The brief was simple.

Someone yelled "The current Comcast endtag looks like Best Buy. They don't sell TVs, computers,  or phones - we have to fix it".

So I fixed it.

The animation needed to be simple and something that could hold up over time. It didn't need to try too hard. We realized Xfinity's best brand asset was it's new X1 interface; it feels slick and modern, so we embraced how it looked and moved. Then I added a keyhole. The X scaling down into Xfinity does something unique, it takes the last emotional beat from the spot and transfers it onto the Xfinity logo and the brand testing revealed that the viewer had more affinity for the brand when we did that transfer of emotion..

After the idea sold through we designed  the look into hundreds of of offers and deals. 



Example image of previous "best buy" endtag